Valet Service

With SmartTip platform, guests appreciate the convenience of digital tipping, and attendants benefit from instant recognition for their prompt and courteous service. It’s more than just parking cars; it’s about creating a hassle-free experience that leaves a lasting impression. If you are a car valet company, elevate your service to new heights with seamless gratuity and happy customers.

Park, tip, repeat with ease!

Our digital tipping solution for valet services simplifies the gratuity process, ensuring a smooth experience for both customers and attendants.

How does the Smart Tip solution work?​

Smart Tip is a cutting-edge tipping solution aimed to streamline the tipping process for hotel guests, customers and businesses alike. It is as easy as: 1) Scan, 2)Tip & 3) Pay. Guests and customers will scan a code, choose the amount of tip that they would like to leave and pay.

Scan a QR code

Open your cell phone camera and scan the QR code on display. No App download is needed. Your Phone will open the Web application if your browser.


Choose the amount of tip that you would like to leave for your Housekeeper or service professional. You can leave a thank you comment too.


Choose your card to pay from. Tip will be sent directly to your chosen housekeeper or service professional.

Why choose the Smart Tip cashless digital tipping solution?

Service Professionals

  • Financial Empowerment by ensuring fair compensation for service professionals.
  • Increase in tip amounts & frequency.
  • SmartTip contributes to the financial well-being of hospitality and service industry.
  • Transparency with the tipping process.

Guests & Users

  • Seamless Cashless tipping experiences through secure digital transactions.
  • Ability to express gratitude effortlessly.
  • No app required, and seamless pay using Apple or Google Pay or bank cards.
  • Know that your gratuity is going instantly and to the service professional intended.


  • Increases staff satisfaction and retention with increased earnings.
  • Guest and customer Loyalty by providing a convenient, cashless tipping experience.
  • SmartTip solution will facilitate fair tip distribution, fostering financial stability for service professionals.
  • SmartTip harnesses innovative state-of-the-art technology to create a secure, user-friendly platform, ensuring reliability and ease of use.