Revolutionizing Tipping for the Modern World

Within just three seconds, guests and customers can: scan, tip, and pay – no need for additional apps! Staff and service professionals benefit from increased earnings and receive tips instantly, all while enhancing guests & customer satisfaction.

Join the SmartTip revolution today and become part of the future of tipping with SmartTip.  Embrace a cashless, transparent, and equitable tipping solution that revolutionizes the way we express gratitude and thank service professionals.



Revolutionizing Tipping for the Modern World Your Gratitude & Generosity, One Scan at a Time. Cashless Digital Tipping Solution

How does the Smart Tip solution work?​

Smart Tip is a cutting-edge tipping solution aimed to streamline the tipping process for hotel guests, customers and businesses alike. It is as easy as: 1) Scan, 2)Tip & 3) Pay. Guests and customers will scan a code, choose the amount of tip that they would like to leave and pay.

Scan a QR code

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Choose the amount of tip that you would like to leave for your Housekeeper or service professional. You can leave a thank you comment too.


Choose your card to pay from. Tip will be sent directly to your chosen housekeeper or service professional.

SmartTip Offers a range of tipping merchandising options

SmartTip ingeniously crafts customized tipping solutions for your salon, restaurant, hotel, or tourism venture. From the ubiquity of QR code stickers to the insertion of QR codes on receipts, SmartTip delivers a spectrum of innovative tipping merchandising options that align astutely with your unique business requirements. This allows your customers to express their gratitude swiftly and effortlessly.

For numerous clients, we expertly tailor merchandising products by embedding your unique tipping QR code on stickers, which can then be strategically placed on salon station mirrors and customer lounging zones.
Our tipping QR code can be seamlessly integrated and printed directly on bills, a swift and straightforward setup that's exceptionally suited for restaurants and seamlessly tailor-made for hotel invoices.
We are also proficient in fabricating portable exhibits for mobile and open-air businesses to magnify their visibility, an ideal solution for enterprises such as tourism rentals and valet services.

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